Summer Crafts From Simple Household Products

Summer is the perfect time to make some simple crafts and get the kids involved.  Kids of all ages will enjoy these clever crafts.

Heather, from WhipperBerry, was planning an activity for her youth at church and came up with a version of water dodge ball.  She decided that it would be fun to kick the game up a notch and create some colorful and fun sponge bombs for their water dodge ball tradition. She used sponges, a mop and some drawer liners – all very durable materials.

Summer Crafts

Alicia of Mayfly made super simple tin-can lanterns, perfect to use on camping trips. They are so easy and fast, and they are really stunning after dark. Just use some old coffee cans, nails, hangers and some adult supervision.

Summer Crafts

The awesome girls from How Does She? are here to show us how to make the coolest homemade bubble blower! Tip: Don’t let them blow too hard or the rag will pop off. A light steady gust of air will produce bubbles to make your little ones squeal.

Summer Crafts

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  1. No kid could resist a Sponge Bomb! Super fun. Thank you for including the Model Magic Fish from

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