Kid-Friendly Snacks: Going Bananas Hawaiian Style


Kids Will Go Bananas For This Simple Snack!

By Jill Engledow

Kids love this delicious and nutritious snack from Hawaii. It’s so easy to make, they can do it themselves, so it’s a snack that will keep them busy, and they’ll probably eat the whole thing out of pride in their creation!

Although not a traditional Hawaiian recipe, this snack uses bananas and coconuts, two ingredients brought by the Polynesian explorers who found these islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean almost 2,000 years ago. Citrus came later—after Western explorers arrived in the late 1700s—but now grows in many an island back yard. And with the wonders of modern commerce, you can find these ingredients at any supermarket.

Part of the reason this is so easy for kids is that measurements aren’t precise. Bananas are easy to peel and don’t require a sharp knife, and the citrus juice can come from a bottle. The following list is based on using two bananas; figure one banana per kid, and adjust accordingly.


-Two bananas, cut into inch-thick slices

-A tablespoon of lemon or lime juice, fresh or bottled

-A quarter cup of shredded sweetened coconut

-One toothpick (or fork; a little messy for fingers) per kid


Place banana slices and juice in a bowl and toss to cover the slices (to prevent browning and make the slices “sticky” so the coconut stays on). Add the shredded coconut and gently toss again. Give each kid a toothpick, and let them go at it!

Jill Engledow is a longtime Maui resident and author. Her latest books are Island Life 101: A Newcomer’s Guide to Hawaii and The Maui Book of Lavender. Her website is


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