Concert to Benefit The Signing Time Foundation

When you first see 21-month-old Brynn, the first things you’ll notice are her big blue eyes and her tiny blonde pigtails. Although she is typically quiet around new people, she loves being read to and dancing to her favorite songs in her Play & Sign class, where young children and their parents learn a handful of signs from American Sign Language each week.

Signing Time Foundation
Brynn and her 3-year-old brother, Aiden, have been learning ASL from the time that they were infants. Their mother, Faith, saw her sisters sign with their own children and loved the idea of communicating with her babies before they could speak.

“Brynn jabbers constantly, and without sign language, I would probably not be able to understand even half of what she’s talking about. It’s amazing to watch my children’s minds grow and make connections with language and life,” Faith says.

And it’s amazing to see all that Brynn does know! While looking at the book, We All Go Traveling By, she signed all the colors on each page, even signing BUS, BOAT, and BIKE as she pointed to the illustrations. Faith credits the Signing Time DVDs for helping her children learn hundreds of signs.

Signing Time Foundation

“I love Signing Time and its parent company, Two Little Hands, so I’m very quick to share how valuable it has been to us and how easy and enjoyable it is to learn American Sign Language. Most public libraries have the collection to check out for FREE!”

Aiden and Brynn are also very excited to see Rachel Coleman, the Emmy-nominated host of Signing Time, perform LIVE in concert this summer. The concert benefits The Signing Time Foundation, which helps children of all abilities communicate. The concert is scheduled for August 9, 2014 in Austin, TX. Tickets are available here. There is also a Facebook page, Rachel Coleman LIVE Deep in the Heart of Texas, where you can see and hear more stories like Brynn’s and meet the Texas Signing Time Academy instructors.

Signing has blessed so many lives!! How has it blessed yours?

By Stephanie Behunin

Advanced Signing Time Instructor


  1. Yay! That’s my niece and nephew! Good job, mama Faith!

  2. Signing gave us the gift of communication with our younger toddler who had a speech delay! We can’t wait to meet Rachel Coleman live in concert next month.

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