Pets for Young Children

Pets for Young Children

Planning on getting a companion for your child but aren’t entirely sure which would be the best option? Believe it or not, there are kid-friendly animals that are geared towards smaller children. Here’s a list of the optimal pets:

Fish and Reptiles

For the low maintenance, fish/reptiles are the way to go, as all that is really required is daily feeding. Other than that, these animals can generally take care of themselves, so this is a great way to usher in responsibility. These animals can be used as a stepping stone for larger, more high maintenance animals in the future. They are also good options if you have multiple children that want pets but don’t have the room for multiple dogs/cats.


If space at home is tight, or you’re not entirely sure your child is responsible enough, cats are great. While constant upkeep, such as veterinary visits, is still necessary, cats don’t require as much attention as their furry companion.

Everyone wants a dog to play with, but some are specifically catered to children. Labradors, retrievers and pugs are some of the best kid-friendly dogs. Dogs are obviously the most sought after pet, but be sure to outline the responsibilities required, as the dog is the most high maintenance out of all.

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Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to start decorating Easter eggs. These unique decorating ideas are perfect for the whole family, while being inexpensive and available at your local craft store.

1. Blackboard Eggs

Easter Egg Decorating

Make a mistake while drawing? Blackboard eggs are perfect for this. Paint the egg with chalkboard paint and draw right on the egg! Don’t like your drawing? Easily dip the egg in water and watch your drawing fade away to a clean slate!

2. Black and White Eggs

Easter Egg Decorating

No mess dyeing here! Just simply draw on plain, white eggs with a permanent marker. This makes each egg unique to both child and adult!

3. Bumble Bee Egg

Easter Egg Decorating

Get in the Spring spirit with this Bumble Bee Egg! With just yellow dye and a black permanent marker, you can easily transform an egg into a cute bumble bee!

4. String Technique Egg

Easter Egg Decorating

Decorating this egg is as simple as wrapping it in string and dipping it into dye.

5. Sticker Stencil Egg

Easter Egg Decorating

This simple technique is as simple as sticking stickers on the egg and dipping the egg into dye.



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Updated Twists on Easter Activities

Easter Egging

Push the envelope with these twists on traditional Easter activities and crafts! 1. Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Not too keen on filling eggs with candy? Fill them with clues instead! Spruce up a regular Easter Egg Hunt by leaving clues in each egg for a larger, grand prize! While your child’s sweet tooth might miss […]

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5 Adorable Easter-Themed Desserts


Whether it’s brunch, lunch, or dinner, these adorable Easter-themed desserts are sure to win the hearts of everyone. Fun, creative, and easy, they are perfect for the whole family and maybe even a fun craft! 1. Bunny Cupcakes These cupcakes are easy and perfect for an Easter celebration. All you need is cupcake mix, white […]

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Spring Cleaning Made Fun for the Whole Family


Spring is in bloom! That means dusting off the snow ridden blues, and for most households, it also means letting out stuffiness, letting in fresh air and jumping straight into spring cleaning. Some people that live for Spring cleaning: they buy organizers, wreck their apartments by pulling out contents in closets, cabinets and drawers – […]

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5 Ways to Spring Into Healthy


With a new season, comes a new you. This season, spring into a healthier, happier you. These five tips are just the way to get there. “An active family is a happy family.” 1. Drink more water As it gets hotter and you get more active, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. The […]

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Allergy Season Comes Early/Busting The Myths About Allergies


Last year was one of the worst allergy seasons on record, and this year allergy season is springing up early, already bringing the ‘wheezes and sneezes’ to people everywhere.  With all the myths and misconceptions about relieving allergy symptoms, it’s hard to know the best way to fight off a runny nose, watery and itchy […]

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Refashioning For The Children


In the craftivist culture that has quickly taken over, everything is at the palms of our creative hands, from interior decorating, jewelry making, and clothing. We know people that have been making their own clothes and jewelry and creating their own house decorations for forever, but there’s something about the internet that makes everything seem […]

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Cute Nursery Decor That Will Transition As They Grow


In today’s economy, it’s always a smart decision when you purchase something that will transition as your child gets older. When choosing decor for a new nursery, why not choose furniture and items that your little one will enjoy for years to come?  Here are a few ideas and tips to decorate with the future […]

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Spring Inspired Crafts for Children

Rock Face

The weather is getting nicer, which means there is more incentive to go outside! Use the colors of spring to create these three spring inspired crafts & projects with your children! 1. Shower Curtain Mural This is great if your children have their own bathroom or if you just want to spruce up your own! […]

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Just Between Friends is Actively Seeking Franchises


Turn your bargain shopping habit into a business with a Just Between Friends Franchise The Today Show calls us “the hottest ticket in town” and we want to come to YOUR area! We are actively seeking franchises in Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Nebraska, Hawaii and all of Canada!! Do you have a passion for […]

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Warm Up This Winter with Easy S’Mores Cups


If you’re sick of this long, cold winter season this year, warm up with these easy S’more cups – perfect for the whole family. Bring a little bit of summer into winter with this delicious recipe for the whole family. This recipe is sure to sweeten up winter with fun. Who wouldn’t love to create […]

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Travel Games For Kids


Spring break is a popular time to hit the road and vacation with family. The car ride to get there is all part of the experience, but can also be very long. Kids tend to be glued to electronics to stay occupied. To make it more fun for kids, make your own social car games […]

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Staycation for Spring Break


Planning on staying home during Spring Break? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered two ideas to ensure that your children keep busy! 1. Drive-in Movie Theater This will require a projector and a warm night, but it will give your child something to talk about once they return to school! Set up a large sheet as the […]

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“This Stove is Filthy”: Teaching the Value of a Job Done Right

The title of this article is an exhortation I distinctly remember coming from my mother. It addresses the subject of finishing what you start. Dishes, Dishes, Dishes We didn’t have a dishwasher at our house when I was a kid; we all took turns. When it was my turn, it always seemed to me that […]

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Cute Spring Crafts For Kids


Have a little fun in the springtime with cute and creative spring crafts! Crafts are a perfect way to keep kids busy during spring break when they have a lot of time to fill. We’ve gathered a few crafts for you to try with your kids: Paper Kite A paper kite is easy to make and […]

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