Study Habits For Your Kids

With school starting up, it’s important for your child to keep up with their work at school and even more importantly their homework. Your child is responsible for their grades, not you. It’s time to teach them good study habits early, so that later, they will not struggle. We’ve compiled a few techniques that you can use to help your child during homework hour!


study space

Pick a designated study area. This area should be quiet and free of distractions such as animals or a TV. Picking a peaceful study area helps with the studying process. Your child will be more likely to focus on the tasks in front of them instead of the news playing in the background. Also picking a study area early shows your child which rooms are for play and which rooms are for working.


Flashcards: I cannot stress this enough! Flashcards are super handy when it comes to studying for spelling or vocabulary tests. They are much easier to manage than a big bulky textbook as well. You can find flashcards at any local shopping center. There are big cards, little cards, lined cards, and even colorful cards. The Scholastic explains how to make flashcards go even further than just a definition. So go ahead and grab a couple of packs of flashcards to get your child ready for the semester!


Snacks: Another important topic. In order to develop good study habits, snacks are to be kept away from the study area. I know that sounds harsh, but it will only help your child. Keeping snacks around or in the study area can easily cause distractions to your child. It’s unnecessary, excessive munching and it can cause a mess on the homework. Of course, you can always prepare a snack for your child to eat as soon as they get home. For longer study times, give them a break snack. Another tip, keep snacks on the healthier side to give your child brain food and also so the snack won’t spoil dinner. Let your child have a break, especially if it’s in a subject that frustrates them. Frustrations not only make your child feel bad, but can stifle the homework process. Keep your child calm with breaks and a quick snack.

Hope these ideas are helpful!


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5 Things to Consider When Buying Your Teen’s First Car

teen in car

Let’s face it- buying your teen’s first car can be a terrifying thing to think about. It’s completely natural for you to feel a bit nervous over the thought of your child hitting the roadways. But with a little planning and open communication, you may just find the experience a bit less harrowing than you might think. Today we’ve gathered five things for you to consider when buying your teen’s first car to help you figure out the best way to keep your child safe out on the open road.

Safety Pays

Almost every teen wants a flashy ride. You, however, want something safe. The important thing to remember here is that your child’s first car is a privilege, not a right, and that you get the final say in what they end up with. Check out the government crash test data on cars to get an idea for how well different makes and models perform, and shop around to get an idea for insurance rates. Safer rides will have lower costs, and asking your teen to help pay for part of them may reinforce that message while dissuading them from their desire for dangerous, sportier cars.

Share the Bill

The costs that your teen will pay for their new ride can have a profound impact on how they treat it. You may want to consider asking your child to pay for gas or part of the purchase price in addition to the insurance to help teach about car ownership. Typically, teenagers who have to give something financially back to their cars become much more invested in the care and maintenance of them. This can help reinforce the idea of responsible driving as well, something we’ll cover in more detail further below.

Watchful Eyes

There are many devices currently on the market that allow you to track your teen’s driving and send you text or email alerts when a vehicle speeds or travels outside preset boundaries. Some of these devices can even be used to block incoming calls and text messages, functions incredibly useful for lowering a teen’s risk while driving. However, you’ll want to make sure your child is fully aware of the device and why you want to use it, or you risk giving them the impression that you don’t trust them to be safe.

A Matter of Trust

When you give your teen their first car, you’re placing an enormous amount of trust and faith in their ability to act maturely and make good decisions. While this is often a nerve-wracking thought, remember that you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) give them a vehicle if you didn’t trust them to begin with. Be sure to emphasize this, and make sure that they understand that their decisions on the road affect not only your family but other families as well. You may even consider a ‘rules of the road’ contract for your teens to sign where they agree to safety rules and penalties for breaking them.

Old vs. New

It used to be that buying used meant saving money, but that’s not always the case these days as used car prices continue to rise. A good idea before heading straight for the local used dealership is to browse the web to compare prices first. You can find tons of new cars on, browse reviews and guides concerning value, and then compare the final costs. New might mean a tad more expensive up front, but new also means advanced safety features, lower repair costs, and even possibly cheaper insurance. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a new car’s history with their previous owner.

When the terrifying time comes and your teen is behind the wheel, it’s important to remember how exciting this all is for your whole family. It’s also important to remember that you’re not alone. While the advice from our list is a great start, don’t be afraid to reach out to family and friends and ask how they prepared for their teen’s first car. With enough preparation and good communication, this may be one of the most exciting moments of your teen’s life, and sharing that moment is a memory you’ll keep for years to come!

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Calming Back to School Jitters!


It’s official… Summer is winding down and school will be starting before you know it! Parents, you might be ready for your children to start school, but your children might not be so ready. Starting a new year of school can be intimidating.  Each year brings new milestones and a bit of nervousness for kids […]

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Cool Clothes For Your Cool Kid!


School is almost back in session! You know what that means? It’s time to gear up your child with clothes that make them look and feel cool! But of course we wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction! We have the deals that will help keep you from breaking your bank! We, at, are […]

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Back to School!


Summer is almost over, so you know what that means…it’s back to school time! Of course back to school is filled with shopping for clothes and supplies and coping with your little ones going to school, but we have a few tips that will help the preparation for school seem like a breeze! First, compile […]

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Picky Eater Friendly


Do you have a picky eater? Many children are picky eaters. If the food is green, looks healthy or isn’t tater tots, kids aren’t having that! Picky eating may seem innocent, but if not handled in a good amount of time, children can miss out on vital growing stages. Have no fear parents, because here […]

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Rainy Day Games & Crafts


Summer rain can really bum the kiddos out, but with some cool inside activities, they won’t even miss being outside! Here a few rainy day games and crafts that will occupy even the most energetic kid! Ping pong is usually suited for outside play, but with the revamped balloon ping pong, kids can enjoy playtime […]

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Tips to Eliminating Summer Allergies


Allergies can be a pain, and with summer allergy season in full swing, many adults and children are suffering from the “wheezes and sneezes” of the season. And while you can’t control the outside environment, there are simple and natural solutions for creating a no allergy zone in your home! Healthy space designer Robin Wilson, […]

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Helping Kids Get Enough Water

PicMonkey Collage fruit

With these summer temperatures soaring, it’s important for your children to stay properly hydrated. Keeping your children hydrated will prevent scary incidents of heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Water is the most important element of preventing dehydration but it can be a hassle convincing kids to drink enough water. Instead of just drinking […]

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Under the Sea Crafts for Kids


Still missing that fun, family vacation? No worries! Whether you and your family are hitting the beach, staying home or reminiscing about your family getaway, here a few sea crafts to bring the sea to your home! Your kids will love these and you’ll have a blast making them too! Over at KidsActivitiesBlog, Michelle and […]

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The College Curse: How to Pay Your Student Loans Without Going Broke

college students

Attending college and earning a degree has become more than just an adventure that a high school graduate experiences for four years. It’s an adult responsibility that can weigh your pockets down until you’re permanently slumped over and depressed. As if eating Ramen noodles in between classes wasn’t enough, now you’re in the workforce and […]

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SUNsational Summer!

child on the beach

Dr. Kara Beair, DO & Kim Beair, MS, LPC, NCC Inspiring Strategies for Success by Friends and Experts You Can Trust Keep yourself and your kids burn free this summer by taking a few tips to heart. No one is immune from sunburn and skin damage; even those with darker skin tones need to be […]

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Munchkin LATCH Baby Bottle Giveaway


LATCH has an accordion-style nipple which moves, pumps and stretches like the breast. The three key features that aid in the transition from breast to bottle and back are: o   Stretches for a Better Latch: Accordion-style nipple designed to stretch like the breast all the way to a baby’s soft palette, affording babies an easier […]

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Help Your Kids Eat Healthy With A Simple Chart

Peter Rabbiit

Having a hard time with a picky, little eater? Having trouble making sure your child is actually getting their wholesome fuel? How about using a simple chart? While nutrition plays a huge role in a child’s growth and development, as children grow and begin to develop their own tastes, foods with nutritional value are usually rejected, […]

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Summer Cyber Safety

kids with a computer

Dr. Kara Beair, DO & Kim Beair, MS, LPC, NCC Inspiring Strategies for Success by Friends and Experts You Can Trust Times have changed and summer for kids isn’t what it used to be. In the age of computers and cell phones, kids who are normally in school all day now have many more hours […]

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Soft Pastel Baby Shower


Congratulations to my friend who just had a healthy, handsome baby boy! It seems as if just yesterday I hosted a baby shower for her, and here he is! I designed the overall theme after being inspired by old-fashioned organic wooden toys, which I found in Washington D.C. on one of our street shopping outings. […]

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Discipline: Summer and Beyond

children with dog

By Kim Beair, MS, LPC, NCC & Dr. Kara Beair, DO Inspiring Strategies for Success by Friends and Experts You Can Trust Discipline – hardly the word anyone wants to think about for the lazy days of summer. Summer can be a great time to relax and still get kids started on a fun and […]

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Wet and Wild! Staying Hydrated for Summer Fun!

baby on the beach

Dr. Kara Beair, DO & Kim Beair, MS, LPC, NCC Inspiring Strategies for Success by Friends and Experts You Can Trust Dehydration is dangerous to kids and adults alike. Kids present a bigger challenge in this arena because let’s face it – they just get so busy! Some kids drink a lot while they play, […]

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Concert to Benefit The Signing Time Foundation


When you first see 21-month-old Brynn, the first things you’ll notice are her big blue eyes and her tiny blonde pigtails. Although she is typically quiet around new people, she loves being read to and dancing to her favorite songs in her Play & Sign class, where young children and their parents learn a handful […]

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Happy 4th of July


All of us at Just Between Friends wish you a happy and safe holiday weekend! (Visited 11 time, 11 visit today)

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Fun 4th of July Crafts!

handprint & footprint flag

Fourth of July is just around the corner, and who doesn’t want in on all the fun!? Here’s a few simple, festive July crafts for your kids to enjoy plus add some patriotic pizzazz throughout your home! Ginger over at GingerSnapCrafts created a cute, patriotic flag craft based on a painting she had seen on […]

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10 Simple Dos and Don’ts for Parents to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

summer kids

by Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC Everyone wants happy, successful children, but everyone parents in a way that increases the chance that this will happen. The reasons are simple: parenting great kids is a lot of work. It’s uninterrupted, consistent, hands-on dirty work at times, but if you delegate parent’s work to teachers, youth leaders, […]

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Three States in the U.S. Perfect For Family Vacations

Screen shot 2014-05-25 at 10.21.29 AM

It can be hard to take a tropical trip or a European vacation when you have a family, mainly because the costs of flights can really add up when its more than you and your spouse traveling. So why not take your family somewhere in driving distance, and leave the hassle of price behind? Here […]

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Summer Crafts From Simple Household Products

Water Bombs 032_thumb[1]

Summer is the perfect time to make some simple crafts and get the kids involved.  Kids of all ages will enjoy these clever crafts. Heather, from WhipperBerry, was planning an activity for her youth at church and came up with a version of water dodge ball.  She decided that it would be fun to kick […]

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Summer Fun at the Beach


The cross-country trek to a summer vacation at the beach has started!  Parents are gathering all the things they need to keep their kids busy and happy for fun in the sun.  Moms are hoping to get through a few pages of a new book, and Dads are thinking about sneaking off for a round […]

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Don’t Let Feelings of Guilt Overwhelm You

mom and daughter

Guilt is an unavoidable emotion that plagues the spirit of most conscientious mothers. There are so many demands. Moms feel guilty when they fall short of their own expectations and are quick to blame themselves whenever their kids have problems. Raising children is stressful – not just the physical everyday stuff of laundry, cooking, and […]

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