3 Quick Spring Cleaning Tips

dreamstime_14035874I know we all have simple cleaning tips to help us save time or money.  I thought we could get a jump start and give each other ideas since March is here and it is officially spring cleaning.

I have three tips I like to use at my house.

The first one is going to seem really weird, but it works!  If your dishwasher has hard water stains, use 1 to 2 packets of Kool-Aid Lemonade Flavor in your dishwasher. Empty the packets into the soap dispenser and run the dishwasher without any dishes.  I tested this on my brother’s dishwasher in Minnesota and I was shocked how clean it became.

My second tip is more of a quick trick if people are coming over and you do not have time to clean the bathrooms.  I use flushable wipes in our bathrooms, not the cleaning wipes, but the Wal-Mart/Target toddler wipes.  In a pinch, they work wonders to quickly clean your counter tops, toilet seats and anything on the floor before your company arrives.

My third tip is a money saver and a time saver.  I use old kitchen towels instead of paper towels to clean my kitchen and bathroom counter tops and mirrors.  I keep the old kitchen towel on top of my Windex All Surface Cleaner to use each time I wash the counters or mirrors.  I have a bottle in each bathroom and in the kitchen.  I buy one Windex and split it between four old bottles that I saved. I just add water and some vinegar to fill up the bottle.  I keep a bottle in each bathroom and I find I clean the toothpaste mess off the mirrors more often and our bathrooms stay cleaner. Just throw the towels in the washing machine and you’re good to go.

Please share your quick Spring Cleaning tips with me in the comment box.  I would love to hear them!!

michelleAuthor Michelle Lehman of Organizing Solutions “Clear the Clutter” Michelle is a Professional Organizer in the Tulsa area. Her articles have been featured in the Tulsa World, The Oklahoman, and The Chicago Post-Tribune.  Michelle appears on Fox23 News DayBreak giving organizing tips and recommendations.

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Failure Can Be Good for Your Business

Learn From Failure

Seven steps to get past a failure and turn it into a success.

According to a recent study by American Express OPEN Forum, there are over 9.1 million women owned businesses in the United States.


And statistics show that 1200 women owned businesses are launched every day. Yes, I said every day!

Oh yeah, we’re doing the girlfriend happy dance over here! #makingmoney #womenrule #boysdrool WAIT before you quit your job, tell your husband you’re taking over and launching your jewelry business…there’s a sobering statistic we can’t ignore. Bloomberg reports that a staggering 80% of businesses crash and burn within the first 18 months.

The fact remains – women FAIL quite a bit in business!

Put down your ‘I hate Coach Jenn Lee’ sign and stow your anger; I am a strong supporter of women and their businesses.  Heck, 75% of my clients are women. I’m all about women and their success. 100% #girlpower over here!

I travel quite a bit speaking to entrepreneurs – from dreamers who have just launched their business to the warriors who have persevered for year. Here are the seven lessons I’ve learned from those that have failed and what to do about it. If you find yourself relating to even one of these, call me…We need to talk ASAP! Ok, here we go

Money? Shhh, it’s not crass to talk about it. There’s this odd stigma from the past that haunts us and I don’t’get it. ”It’s not nice to talk about money, dear.” Don’t talk about money? How can you not! Business is all about money. Making it, saving it, spending it wisely. If you have the guts to start your own business, you best start talking about the Benjamins. Getting over this fear helps you get a stable footing for your foundation to grow.

Yes, I did that, but it’s no big deal. Have you ever had someone tell you that you did an amazing job only to shrug and say it was no big deal? Ok, you seriously need to STOP THIS! Owning up to what you’ve accomplished will train your brain to realize that you are worth every penny you’ve invested in yourself (and your business!)]

You want me to do what? Um, okay. Sure. You’ve said yes to everything put in front of you and suddenly you’re balancing a business, a family, and somehow you’ve found yourself agreeing to work the coat check at next week’s women in business luncheon. If you overbook yourself and say yes to everything and everyone who asks, how will you find time to get everything done in your business? Prioritize your needs, both business and personal, before everyone else. Remember that saying, ”you need to take care of yourself before taking care of everyone else?” Live it, learn it and reap the benefits!

What am I here for? One of the biggest reasons women businesses fail is lack of vision. The the one at the helm of the ship doesn’t truly know who they are, the mission of their business and their sails adjust whichever way the wind blows! Take the time to ask yourself the deep questions about what you really want from yourself and your business. What’s the bigger mission? Once you get to the root of it, you can start moving in the right direction.

Can I really do this? Doubt kills. Seriously. Stop doubting every decision you make. You’d be surprised at what will happen if you focus your energy on just doing the right things on a consistent basis. Try to detach from the outcome of your actions. You can’t predict every response, but you can propel yourself every single day!

But she does it so much better. Another thing that kills, comparing yourself to the success story on TV! Can I let you in on a little secret? The women whom you so admire, who is doing exactly what you want to do – she was once you. She started out with doubt, comparing herself to others, unable to tell even the lady at her grocery store no. As my friend Tory Johnson always says “we all start with one.” Go for it. Seek out the resources needed to get it right. Hire a coach, connect with a mentor – gain the resources needed to make the right choices.

Success scares me. Picture this, you’ve mastered it all and as soon as you start to reach the summit, fear creeps in. You’re paralyzed because if this new strategy works, you’re phone will start ringing off the hook and business could boom, like really BOOM and…”well, how will I handle all of this?” The fear of not being able to fulfill the promise to your clients, the fear of working more hours than you expected, and yikes the potential GREAT FALL of you is right in front of you. MAKE IT STOP! Don’t be afraid of getting everything you’ve worked so freaking hard for! You deserve every ounce of success coming your way. Open your arms wide and take credit for what you’ve worked so hard for. Heck, I tell my clients shift into high gear, when the phone starts ringing we’ll figure out the logistics.

Once you’ve overcome these potential downfalls of failure, you will be nothing but surprised at the kick butt business owner you’ve morphed into. You’ll be the one people turn to for advice, the one they look up to. Instead of coat check, you’ll be on the big stage giving the presentation.  Stick with me, girl. You’ve got this, really you do.

Jenn LeeCoach Jenn Lee rocks the entrepreneur’s world through marketing madness, high-energy speeches and money-mindset maneuvers! Small business owners are booming from her insight shared on Fox Business News and local stations across the country, and national publications, like Success Magazine. Get more @coachjennlee

Take Time for an After School Snack

after school snack banana peanut butter bites

After school snack time is the PERFECT time to catch up with your kids. Prepare a snack that you all will enjoy and spend a few minutes asking them questions about their school day. This is a good transition time between school and homework.  Savor a few minutes to just chat. Share with your child […]

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The What, Why, and How of Sight Words

boy reading

by Margo Edwards, Director of Content Development for SightWords.com, a free resource for child literacy If you are a parent of a Pre-K to 3rd grader, you have probably heard something from your child’s teacher about “practicing sight words” at home. The teacher may or may not have though to explain to you what sight […]

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Eight Things Remarkably Successful People Do


I was recently in a conversation with another business owner.  We were talking about how hard it is to run your own business.  I often feel exhausted at the end of the day and wonder why- then it dawned on me- it’s hard, it’s a lot of work and we consciously or unconsciously can make […]

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Stalker Parents Unite! Coming Together for Cyber Safety

teens on a computer

Kim Beair, MS, LPC, NCC & Dr. Kara Beair-Butler, DO Inspiring Strategies for Success by Friends and Experts You Can Trust There are positive and negative uses for social media, and this morning I saw one of the best I’ve come across in a long time. Strolling through Facebook posts, a friend inquired if she […]

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Featured JBF Franchisee: Eileen Cordero

jbf headshot

Full Name:  Eileen Cordero Franchise Location: Just Between Friends, Middletown & Dover, DE How did you get started with JBF? In the spring of 2013 My Dad saw JBF on the Today show and called me right away. He told me about it and I thought about it and said no. But I could not […]

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Freebie Friday: Winter Accessory Discounts

winter accessory

We’ve found some amazing discounts on kid’s winter accessories this week! The weather is still freezing in most parts of the country and kids are still growing.  Why not grab some gloves, hats, and boots for next year?  You can save up to 70% off this time of year if you do your research. It’s all […]

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The Real Deal: This is Why Your Ad Didn’t Work


It’s an interesting time to be a business owner. The Internet has erased many geographical boundaries that existed for our grand-parents and we’re swimming in a sea of always-increasing – many free – options to market business, thanks to social media. Yet, for many business owners, profits are down, clients and patients are being deliberately […]

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Plant a New Idea

singing boy

In my entire career as a vocal coach, I have only had one student along the way where, after our initial meeting, we mutually agreed I would not be the best teacher for him. Here’s why. He was having too good a time. After the first ten minutes of getting to know his voice, he […]

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Juggling Work and Family Life


Juggling the stress of work and family life is a source of heartache for many (if not all) moms. Whether you’re off to work in the morning or stay home, there are troubling emotions to contend with. If you work outside the home you may feel guilty for not being home with your young children, […]

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Freebie Friday: Winter Coat Discounts

winter coat

We’ve found some amazing discounts on kid’s coats this week! The weather is still freezing in most parts of the country and kids are still growing.  Why not grab a coat or two for next year?  You can save up to 70% off this time of year if you do your research. It’s all about […]

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15 Tips to Helping You Find Your Dream Job


The headline on Forbes.com caught my eye: “Most Americans are unhappy at work”.  What a sad statement.  Considering we spend at least one fourth of our life at work, shouldn’t being happy there be a goal for all of us? Since February is the month of love, I thought this would be a good time […]

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Romancing at Home – Is There Intimacy After Children?

happy couple

Romance is only defined by the couple enjoying, or lacking it! Here are some ways to increase intimacy and romance, while avoiding the traps that decrease them. Generally speaking, keeping romance alive involves each partner in a relationship being sensitive and respectful of the other person’s needs. That said, if your partner isn’t all that […]

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Blended Family Success Strategies for Parents & Kids

walking family

There are twenty million blended families in the United States alone. That number has doubled over the past ten years. Some project that blended families will become the norm, or at least a majority, within the next decade. Regardless of the statistics, blended families are a growing reality in our society. They also face challenges […]

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How to Find a Franchise That is Right For You


So you want to start a business? If owning a business is on your “To Do” list for 2015 and you’re contemplating purchasing a franchise, the options are nearly endless and can be overwhelming. There are more than 3000 franchises in the U.S. (including Just Between Friends Franchise Systems, Inc.). One of the best sources for […]

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A Family Playbook


Do you have a family playbook – a declaration of the values, attitudes and behaviors you want to instill in your children? Chances are you have well formulated ideas about the values you hope your child will embrace, the attitudes with which they will approach life’s challenges, and the behaviors your child will exhibit at […]

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Freebie Friday: Valentine’s Day Discounts

valentine's day

We’ve found some amazing discounts on cute kid’s Valentine’s Day clothes this week! You still have time to grab some bargains before the holiday. We’ve also included some discounts we found online for other products. Don’t miss our Valentine’s Day dessert ideas plus some fun Valentine’s Day crafts to do with the kids. $2.00 off […]

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Ask the Question: “What Can I Do for You?”

smiling preteen

Children and teens can sometimes be suspicious of the motives of adults toward them. Although this sometimes can apply to a person’s relationship with their own child or teen, it applies a great deal when they must work with other youngsters as a volunteer or as a child-service professional. Whether this little strategy is used […]

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The Happiest Families on Earth

happy family

Would you consider your family to be one of the happiest families on earth? You might be surprised to learn that the happiest families aren’t those with the most possessions, the greatest wealth, the smartest kids attending the finest schools or the ones who take several vacations a year.  In fact, the research is clear […]

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Worrying About Your Kids is Unavoidable

little boy

Joy and excitement await you the moment a planned pregnancy or adoption become a reality. It doesn’t take very long, though, for happiness to be laced with worry. “How will I manage? Will the baby have ten fingers and ten toes? Will the birth go as planned?” For the next nine months, the pendulum swings […]

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The Check for $3.96

sad woman

Having married a man with children, I soon learned the affects a stepfamily has on finances and child support topped the list in the Coleman household. Once the money was seized from my husband’s paycheck, his take-home earnings were $400 a month. Any increase is better than nothing, but $300 of his net pay went […]

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Problem Solving with Kids

sad girl

I just got a call from a frustrated friend. Her eight-year-old daughter Peggy refuses all her mother’s suggestions for lunch at school. Peggy doesn’t want to eat hot lunch; she hates sandwiches of all kinds, she doesn’t want to take meat rollups. Mother and daughter ended up yelling at each other, and Peggy stomped out […]

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Stepfamily Financial Resolutions—Part II


In the previous article, I covered stepfamily financial matters including individual or joint accounts, credit, disinheriting biological children and social security benefits. Now let’s probe into child support and its affect on stepfamily money. Monthly Child Support. Support Determination In Blended Families An Anthology, Sonya Visor shared her child-support drama in The Check for $3.96. […]

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Stepfamily Financial Resolutions—Part I


I believe with all my heart that a man who fathers a child is responsible for the emotional and financial need of that child. From debt incurred during the previous marriage, past due child support and the IRS seizure of income tax refunds, our first year as a stepfamily was inundated with fiery financial darts […]

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Wintery, Snowy Art Activities for a Cold Day

puffing snow

It’s crazy how cold it’s been outside! The kid’s are tired of being inside, both at home and at school.  As moms, we struggle with finding things for them to do other than video games or watching TV. JBF searched Pinterest and found some fun crafts to keep your kid’s hands busy and it doesn’t […]

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International Child-Centered Divorce Month in January Features Complimentary Gifts and Resources for Parents


January is International Child-Centered Divorce Month. The entire month is dedicated to helping parents minimize the negative effects of divorce on children – by giving them the tools and resources they need to support their kids during and long after a divorce. Throughout January divorce attorneys, mediators, therapists, financial planners, coaches, parenting experts and other […]

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Quick Cakes for Emergency Occasions


Certain events in our lives require us to take food to comfort or contribute to a life event; like a reunion, a funeral, or an illness.  My mom has a great cake that she calls her “funeral cake”.  I know it sounds tacky, but it is true. Our lives have gotten so hectic that sometimes […]

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Sensible Indulgences for a Frugal Mother

sensible indulgences

Sensible Indulgences, otherwise known as a few of my favorite things! It’s been busy around here, recently I discovered that my soon-to-be three year old poured non-dairy creamer into my Vera Bradley bag (a NICE Christmas gift from my sister), and it had dried and made a big mess.  Swim lessons start tomorrow, but when […]

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Cute January Birthday Gift Ideas

kids gifts

  The holidays are over, but many of us have children with January birthdays.  Each year we’re scratching our heads trying to figure out a birthday gift for our little ones. We found some fun items on a website called BRIKA. It features the work of authentic makers, artisans and designers. It’s an online shopping experience […]

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Organizing Winter Gear


I thought today would be a great time to make a quick inventory of what you may need for next winter season.  I don’t know about your house, but almost every hat, glove and pair of boots are drying out in my laundry room from sledding this weekend.  Since the kids (most of the kids) […]

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I Love Being a Frugal Mother


As much as we would all like to believe that we live like characters in a Barbara Taylor Bradford novel where we sip champagne in one of our six country homes whilst we wait for the butler to announce lunch, I’m guessing that many of you are like me: stuck in reality.  Not that being […]

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6 Things To Do This Year

kate spade planner

With the year at an end – comes celebrations, quality time with friends and family. It’s a time that inevitably makes me reflect on the past year and think about new passions and ambitions for the New Year coming up. I thought I’d share with you some things that I feel we could all do […]

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Top 5 Sale Shopping Tips


The holidays have finished, but the chaos at the malls and boutiques haven’t slowed down – in fact, many people say that come Christmas Day, real craziness begins! After Christmas sales have begun, parking lots are full, gifts are being returned, and bargain hunters are on the prowl. So for those of you that are […]

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