Getting Creative with Jell-o

People are SO creative with Jell-o these days. The holiday season is the perfect time to experiment with fun ideas that contain Jell-o.  These desserts can be kid-friendly, or even something to take to an adults only party depending  on the ingredients. We found these beautiful desserts and wanted to share them with you. Some require a special mold while others can be made with items you probably already have in your kitchen.

cherry jigglers

Rainbow Cherry Jigglers via Tablespoon


Fruit Juice and Cherry Jell-o Jigglers via Living Locurto

jello trees

Christmas Tree Jell-o Jiggers via e if for eat

broken glass

Broken Glass Christmas Jell-o via The Food Librarian

Give these a “shot” and let us know in the comment box below what you made.

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Start a New Tradition This Holiday Season

The lights are up, the air is cold and bells are ringing! It’s that time of year again…the holiday season! What’s a better way to spend this season than with your family? Here a some super fun activities for you and your family! Why not start a new family tradition?

Have a holly Jolly Christmas 1


The lights!
Drive down to see the city Christmas lights all lit up. They’re gorgeous, extravagant and the kids will be absolutely stunned. You and your special someone can also check out the lights for a cozy date night.

Visit Santa!
Head over to your local mall and get the kids ready for pictures with Santa. Remind them to have a few things in mind that they want to tell Santa about. They’ll be super excited for Santa to come this year.

Make Hot Chocolate!
What else says cozy fun besides hot chocolate. Everyone can pick out or decorate their own mug for this delicious treat. Also add in some freshly baked cookies for extra deliciousness.

Take the kids ice skating!
It’s the perfect time to take the kiddos out for ice skating. This is fun, exercise, the kids won’t be able to get enough and this could be a new tradition for your family.

Find the perfect Christmas Tree!
Maybe instead of buying your Christmas tree at the store, your family like to cut down a new Christmas tree each year. Let me just say that I applaud you for that. Instead of going alone, bring the kids to help you pick out your tree. They will love the experience.

Decorate the Christmas tree as a family!
Nothing says holiday family fun like decorating the tree together. The kids will have a blast putting up ornaments and for even more fun, have them handmake a few. Your Christmas tree will be the envy of all the neighbors.


merry and bright1

Picture Source: Pinterest

We wish you and your family the best holiday season ever and may your Christmas be merry and bright! Share your family traditions with us.  Give us a shout out on Twitter and Follow us @JBFFranchise.

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Reflo Smart Cup Giveaway


The Reflo Smart Cup ™ is a revolutionary new concept in training cups. It’s a smart alternative to sippy cups and a great transitional tool for your children to learn to drink from an open cup. No buttons or other complicated mechanisms to operate. It’s as easy as drinking from any ordinary cup without the […]

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Teaching Your Kids To Give


While raising kids has never been easy, it can be one of the most rewarding things that some people do–especially when children grow up to be productive, contributing members to society, and that includes knowing how to give back and enrich the communities in which they live. When should children start participating in the giving […]

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A Visit from the North Pole

Bek's iphone May 2013 269

Just after Thanksgiving the children and grand children in our family begin making cookie and candy houses in anticipation of visitors from the North Pole. The guests, a fairy family, come to stay until Christmas. The fairies have lots of fun adventures, let Santa know how good everyone’s been, and tag along (in secret) on […]

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Kid-Friendly Holiday Dips

milk and cookies

If you’re like us, the holiday season is a nonstop, crazy busy time.  The kids are so excited and the anticipation of Santa always escalates as December 25th draws near.  The holiday season is also a time when lots of family and friends get together to celebrate.  Whether you have to bring a dish or […]

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7 Ways To Reduce Holiday Season Stress

holiday stress

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but as the holiday season is upon us again, for many it’s the most stressful time of the year. From visits with family and out-of-town guests, buying gifts for everyone on your list, cooking, decorating and more, the holidays sometimes bring more stress than […]

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Get Your Kids Involved in Making Christmas Ornaments


Thanksgiving is over, which means it’s officially time to put up the Christmas tree with no shame! The kiddos will undoubtedly want to help put the ornaments on the tree, but maybe you could give the tree a personal touch with a few handmade ornaments this year! Here’s some fun ideas! Taking either burned out […]

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Discover a New Holiday Tradition with an Elf On The Shelf


You always tell your kiddos that Santa knows if they are naughty or nice, but do they really believe you? Well if you want to really get them in the Christmas spirit, here’s a fun way! It’s called an Elf on the Shelf! Picture Source: Wikipedia The Elf on the Shelf tradition actually originates from […]

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12 Black Friday Etiquette Tips

black friday

For diehard shoppers, Black Friday is the Super Bowl of the year. But with the crowds, limited quantities and fatigue from waking up in the middle of the night, fights are bound to happen and almost always do. Can Black Friday actually be civil and enjoyable? Jacqueline Whitmore, an internationally-recognized etiquette expert, author, speaker and […]

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Keep Talking to Your Kids After Divorce


As a divorced parent you can never pay too much attention to your communication skills with your children. It keeps the doors open to a healthier, more positive relationship with them. It makes you more sensitive to issues of concern early on so you can nip them in the bud. It encourages your children to […]

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Help Your Kids Show Gratitude During the Holidays


November has always been a gratitude month for me. Maybe it’s because of Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because the holiday season is just around the corner. Every year the children in our family do something kind for others. All of us feel enriched when we add a little light to someone’s life. This year our kids […]

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Finding the Best Deals for Your Thanksgiving Meal


Make your Thanksgiving dinner one of the best bargain meals you prepare this year. By shopping the sales and using coupons, you’ll save big while your family and friends rave about your delicious meal. Just follow these tips for saving with Stephanie Nelson, founder of 1. Plan Ahead: The key to saving on groceries […]

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Let Your Kids Help With the Thanksgiving Festivities


With Thanksgiving around the corner, you’re probably super busy getting all the details mapped out for the holiday festivities! The kiddies are probably pretty excited too. We’re sure that they’re pretty interested in what’s happening around the house, so get them involved! Whether it’s décor or dessert, your kiddos can lend you a helping hand! […]

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6 Easy Kid’s Crafts and Games for Thanksgiving

thankful pumpkin

Thanksgiving isn’t exactly a holiday geared to children.  Wedged between Halloween and Christmas, we all struggle to include our children in the family Thanksgiving traditions.  This year, try doing some easy crafts and games that basically involve scissors, glue and construction paper.  Make up a game of “Pin the tail on the Turkey” using construction […]

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Empowering Your Scared Child in the Dark


“The thing under my bed waiting to grab my ankle isn’t real. I know that, and I also know that if I’m careful to keep my foot under the covers, it will never be able to grab my ankle” – Stephen King, Night Shift. Is your child afraid of the dark? Are you? I certainly […]

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5 Tips for Hiring a Babysitter


With your busy schedule and your children’s endless activities and homework, it might be time to think about hiring some extra help. An afternoon babysitter or part time nanny, could be the solution for you to find a balance in your schedule. But you don’t want just any random person handling your children. Here are […]

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Protect Your Furry Family Members from Winter Chill


When summer turns to fall and fall to winter, not only do the seasons change, but so do the needs of your beloved pets. As important as it was to guarantee pet safety in the summer heat, it is crucial to note that colder weather also brings health and wellness risks for pets. Dr. Mitsie […]

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