Treat Yourself to a Wonderful Valentine’s Day

February is here, which means one thing – Valentine’s Day. It’s a time to show how much you love your significant other, kids, best friends, and family. But it’s also a time to throw your diet plans to the wind and dig into some sweet treats. Here’s five fun and easy delicacies you should treat yourself to this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Treats

chocolate covered strawberries

#1 Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This is a classic, must-have Valentine’s Day treat, and it’s super simple. Just buy microwavable semi-sweet baker’s chocolates and a box of strawberries, melt the chocolate in the microwave, and pour it over the strawberries. Let it sit in the fridge or freezer for some time and enjoy. Chocolate covered strawberries are a guaranteed hit and always fun to play around with!

Valentine's Day

#2 Breakfast in Bed

What says “I love you” more than delivering breakfast to the bed of your loved one? That’s right, nothing. So whip up those heart shaped waffles, pancakes, and eggs and wake your husband up to the smell of wonderful breakfast goodies made with love. He’s sure to thank you later with a great dinner, no doubt.

Valentine's Day

#3 Red Cocktails

There’s nothing like throwing a romantic name and some red coloring into a cocktail to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit. Whether you’re with your husband or girlfriends, red cocktails are a necessity. Mix together cherry liqueur with chocolate vodka and sparkling water to create a Chocolate Cherry Cha Cha or cranberry juice, creme de cacao, and vodka to make a Robin’s Nest.

Valentine's Day

#4 Wine and Cheese Fondue

This combination is a standard romantic idea, and it’s not hard to do. Have fun with it and form all the different cheese and wine combinations you can possibly imagine. The best part? Getting to feed each other. If you want to add some spice to it, make it more romantic by blindfolding the other person and having them guess the type of wine or cheese they are trying.

Valentine's Day

#5 Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Any form of chocolate is crucial to a sweet Valentine’s Day full of amazing treats. Whether you want to bake a three layer cake or run by the local supermarket for a box of Ferrero Rochers, a Valentine’s Day cannot be complete without chocolate.

We love Valentine’s Day for many reasons, the treats definitely being one of them. The key is to have fun, pair them with beautiful roses and scented candles, and relax. This night is for you and those you love. Forget about work, paying the bills, or the sitter you have to find for next week, and just focus on the here and now.

Photo credit © Elena Elisseeva Photo credit: Aimee Custis Photography via / CC BY-SA

The Rechargeables: Eat Move Sleep – Book Giveaway

The Rechargeables

From the co-author of How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids, the book that started a conversation about the importance of positive interactions in schools and homes around the world, comes a timeless story about how to be healthy and create energy in our daily lives. Through a series of brief adventures, Poppy and Simon discover what it takes to recharge themselves and bring an entire village back to life. Based on the research and concepts in Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes, Tom Rath‘s latest New York Times bestseller, The Rechargeables: Eat Move Sleep is about the way small choices have a profound impact on the quality of each day.

In the village of Verve, a mysterious thing has occurred . . . all of the people are COMPLETELY STILL. Join Poppy and Simon on an adventure as they discover how to recharge themselves, and their whole village.

Talk about these questions and remember to ALWAYS BE CHARGING!


What foods give you more energy throughout the day?

What is your favorite vegetable?


What sport or game do you like to play?

Which activities give you a positive charge?


What helps you get a good night sleep?

What time do you go to sleep?

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