A Lesson in Character

Frozen in Fear

The best classroom for learning character is life itself. Unfortunately, we are often too busy to pay all that much attention to it. In those moments we, along with our kids and grandkids, can miss a life-changing, golden moment.

Those opportunities have a short shelf-life.

I can still clearly remember a day when a lesson in outstanding character happened right in from of me. Since I couldn’t get away, I had to attend to it.

Frozen in Fear

I was in a line of cars waiting to merge into traffic from a shopping center parking lot. A woman at the head of the line obviously was fearful and uncertain about getting into the traffic.

She sat frozen in her automobile. Everyone was letting her know about it, too: Honk! Honk! Honk!

I probably was just an instant away from joining that chorus when the driver directly behind her jumped out of his vehicle and stepped into the street. He halted the oncoming motorists, and then motioned for her to get into the traffic safely. Problem solved.

Honestly, getting out of my car and helping her never occurred to me in that moment. I don’t know if his kind, effective gesture was noticed by anyone else, but that scene has been alive in my memory ever since.

A Part of the Solution

That moment could not have taken more than 40 seconds, but it represented a life-long lesson. If I ever encounter a situation like it in the future, I now know how to be a part of the solution instead of one of the herd piling up on the problem.

Unfortunately, I was alone in my car that day. If my son or daughter (or any one of my subsequent grandchildren) had been with me, observing that young man and what he did to solve the problem, it would have been a teachable moment like none other. Oh, I told them about it later, but it wasn’t the same as being there. But I do hope I was able to encourage them to be more mindful of moments just like that one.

But that’s the same message for all of us, isn’t it? For the sake of ourselves and our families, it pays to be more even more mindful of what’s happening in our lives and the role it asks of us. There will always be a place for those choosing to handle frustration with presence, grace and solution-driven insight.

These folks become professors in the Character Classes of Life.

Jim415smPsychologist Dr. James Sutton, is the founder and host of The Changing Behavior Network. This story is from his latest book, Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem, revised (available for immediate ebook download). www.DocSpeak.com

Illustration by Sergio Garzon



Five Steps to Build a Successful Franchise


At Just Between Friends we have been celebrating the past few weeks, after Forbes Magazine named us a top five franchise to buy in 2015. This is such a humbling honor for myself, my staff and the lifeblood of our business, the franchisees. Running this company is truly a labor of love. What began in my living room in Tulsa, Okla. in 1997 is now an international company with 150 franchises in the U.S. and Canada. Each franchisee works to build successful consignment events in their community. Collectively, JBF franchises are helping more than 600,000 families buy and sell items and literally “turn clutter into cash”.

Building a franchise system is no easy task and I am often asked for advice by other small business owners interested in franchising. This week I am sharing some of my top tips on what to do when launching a franchise system.

Five Steps to Follow When Starting a Franchise

  1. Secure an experienced franchise attorney: This is by far the most important step. Franchising can be a litigious industry because you are dealing with people’s money and livelihoods. Also I recommend joining the International Franchise Association – full of reputable experts with great resources at your fingertips.
  1. Create a system for training and support(I learned this the hard way) which should include:
    1. Operations Manual
    2. Training program for franchisees
    3. Develop a plan for ongoing support. For example, JBF has an annual conference and regular training webinars, in addition to mentors and smart groups etc.
  1. Decide on your sales model:
    1. Will you have an in-house staff or hire a brokerage firm?
    2. What is your growth model: Domestic, foreign, both?
    3. If it is foreign, in which parts of the world will you focus and why?
  1. Acquire the proper technology to grow and scale your franchise. Examples:
    1. Develop your branding and ensure it is scalable.
    2. Develop your website
    3. POS system
  1. Create a marketing strategy and a guidebook for the following:
    1. Advertising
    2. Public Relations
    3. Social Media – Develop policies and procedures early in your concept as to your social media best practices

For more information on franchising, I also recommend you check out the International Franchise Association’s website.

And if you are interested in Just Between Friends’ franchise opportunity, we are expanding throughout the U.S. and Canada. Click here for more information

For more information on franchising, I also recommend you check out the International Franchise Association’s website.

And if you are interested in Just Between Friends’ franchise opportunity, we are expanding throughout the U.S. and Canada. Click here for more information

– Shannon

Shannon WilburnBy Shannon Wilburn, CEO of Just Between Friends Franchise Systems, Inc. @ShannonWilburn (Twitter and Instagram)

Just Between Friends is actively seeking franchisees throughout the U.S. and Canada. Click here for more information on joining the JBF team.

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