Keeping Your Car Organized

messy trunk

Do you live in your car like I do?  Does it tend to look like a trash heap? To keep your car organized, I have some tips and tricks.

1. Try keeping a grocery bag in the passenger side of the door to dispose of the extra trash.

2. I keep a sticky note pad and pen in my driver’s side door to write down things I need to pick up or notes about things I don’t want to forget and attach it to my dashboard to remind myself.

3. In my glove box, I keep a Ziploc bag of band-aids, Neosporin and antiseptic foam wash for any cuts or spills we may have along the way.  I also keep an envelope of coupons for dry cleaning, restaurants and tokens for the train at the zoo.  I can’t tell you how many times we were at the zoo and I had to buy a new pack of tokens for the train. Now I just keep them in the car!

A trick I use to keep my boys occupied while in the car is to place books in the back pockets of the front seats.  I switch them out monthly and every now and then I run to the library and stick library books in for a surprise.  I also keep a clipboard and pencil with a word search and maze book to keep them busy.

When the boys were younger, I used to keep a backpack in the trunk of the car filled with “just in case” stuff.  That included extra shorts, tees, sweatshirts, pants, unders and old swimsuits. You just never know what may come up and this way you are always ready to do anything at the spur of the moment. Please make sure you have jumper cables and an emergency kit in your car as well.  Part of my kid emergency kit includes bags of fish crackers, water bottles and an instant powder pack of Similac and a bottle.  Again you just never know when you might need something extra in a pinch.

I’m sure you all have loads of ideas to share on this subject.  Please leave me a comment below with your tips and tricks for keeping your car organized.

michelleAuthor Michelle Lehman of Organizing Solutions “Clear the Clutter” Michelle is a Professional Organizer in the Tulsa area. Her articles have been featured in the Tulsa World, The Oklahoman, and The Chicago Post-Tribune.  Michelle appears on Fox23 News DayBreak giving organizing tips and recommendations. Photo credit: State Farm / Photo / CC BY

Is Your Bug Bite Dangerous?

Bug bites and stings

Do you receive bug bites and itch away until you forget about them? For me, mosquitos are my worst enemy. I feel the most itchiness the first day, my skin often growing red or developing a rash. To avoid this, a hydrocortisone cream or an oral antihistamine can be used to reduce itchiness. Although mostly harmless and easily treated, bug bites can be dangerous and may need further treatment from a dermatologist.

When do you know your bug bite could be dangerous?

See a dermatologist if you feel any of these symptoms:

1.  rash around the bug bite

2. swollen lips, face

3. fever

4. headache

5. dizziness or vomiting

6. change in breathing, throat closing up

7. chest pain or speeding heartbeat

8. target shaped rash around bug bite

After receiving a bug bite, make sure to watch for any of these symptoms (especially if bitten by many insects at the same time). Although mostly harmless, bug bites can be dangerous if these symptoms are not treated immediately. Check your kids regularly after they’ve been outdoors.

The video below contains further information about what to do after receiving any bug bites.

image © Astrofireball & video via the American Academy of Dermatology.

Parenting After Divorce With a Difficult Co-Parent

darling little girl

Divorce is always more challenging for parents. When both can agree about general parenting philosophies the co-parenting process can be amicable and supportive. However, when the divorce ends in acrimony, too often it leads to spiteful, high conflict parenting which can be extremely harmful for your innocent children. Here are some tips for providing support […]

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Ties That Bind Us

roller skates

I read an article a couple of years ago in the New York Times that said strong families have a strong narrative. Or, in other words, they pass their memories of hard work, fun, and sticking together on to their children. I’ve thought about that a lot. I want our family to be strong, but […]

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Muffin Tin Meals

A muffin tin recipe for mini pies!

When you’re stuck in a cooking rut, it’s hard to find new recipes that both you and your children will love. Switch up your meal routine by cooking with a muffin tin! These easy recipes are delicious and the end result is so cute! You can serve them as meals, snacks, pack them in the […]

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Work-Life Balance? YES it is possible.


My daughter Ashton plays tennis. She works hard and is fun to watch. Last year during her senior year of high school I was determined to make every match – I wanted to be there to watch her and cheer her on with no regrets. That was no easy feat for any busy mom – […]

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Reducing Allergy Symptoms in Each Room of Your Home


May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month and the time of year that brings on the wheezes and sneezes.  While most people are focused on the outside environment and air quality, many neglect the one place they spend the most time: their home. Robin Wilson, one of the pioneers of the eco-friendly movement, an […]

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How Dads Can Bond with a New Baby

dad and baby

Typically, in the first few months of a baby’s life, the primary bond is with the mom. The child, after all, was living inside her body. That’s not to say that one parent is more important than another. Children are psychologically nourished by both their parents. Nevertheless, the baby’s need for mommy, combined with her […]

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4 ½ Steps to More Money in Your Business

4 1/2

There are many reasons to start your own business: following a passion, freedom, control over your future – and to make money. That’s right – make money. Your goal as a business owner should be to make a profit but often that goal gets overlooked (or swept under the bed). That’s why I love this […]

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Easy Crock Pot Recipes


When you’ve got a busy day ahead, whose got time to think about dinner. Actually, taking a few minutes before you leave the house can save you tons of time when you get home. A little morning preparations can set you up for an easy Crock Pot dinner your entire family will enjoy! Chicken Enchilada […]

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